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Wireless Security

Wireless networks are a great way to network your home or office without the need of wires trailing every ware. But with this ease of use comes a severe security problem for your business or family. Ask yourself this question “if I can access my network without wires this easily what is to stop some one else?”

With the growing popularity of wireless networks, there has been a growing trend to use them for illegal means. Unsecured wireless networks have been used to steal credit card and banking information.

  • They have been used to steal company information ie accounts and industrial espionage.
  • They have been used by hackers not wanting to be traced.
  • And they have been used by persons wishing to look at indecent images on the internet without being traced.

This is not to say you have sacrifice the same seamless connectivity wireless offers. We can help secure both home wireless networks as well as large corporate networks. We can also check your networks security to give peace of mind.