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Add Email Accounts IspCP

Add an Email Account

To Add a new Email account first login to the administration panel at https://delta.server-room.co.uk:8080

Click on the”Email” tab, this will take you to the Mail users page.

From the menu on the left hand side select “Add Mail User”, this will open the “Add Mail Users” menu.

add user account screen

Choose a username e.g. info. This will be the part to the left hand side of the @ in the email address. Your domain name will be the part to the right hand side of the email address. Customers with domain aliases can choose to either have the account for the main domain, or the domain alias.

Next choose a password (Server Room recommends using a strong passwords containing letters numbers and a mix of case. You can use a password generator such as PC tools). Input the password into both the password boxes.

Finally Click add. You will be returned to the Mail Users menu and should see the message “Mail account scheduled for addition!”. The new account should appear in the list status “Addition in process”.
Screen showing Email Account Added
After a minute refresh the page, the status should now read status OK.