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Setup Email on Mac OSX Mail

Add Account

Open Mail, Choose File->Add Account…

The Add Account Window should open
Add Mail Account OSX
Fill out the account name in Full Name.
Full email address “info@example.org”
Enter the account password into the password box.
If available untick “Automatically set up account”
Click Continue.

Incoming Mail Settings

Incomming mail server OSX
Account type Choose either pop or Imap.
Enter a description for the account.
Enter the mail server “mail.yourdomain.tld” e.g. “mail.example.org”
Enter the user name as your full email address
Click Continue

Outgoing Settings

Outgoing mail settings OSX
Enter a description
Outgoing mail server mail.yourdomain.tld e.g. mail.example.org
Tick use authentication
Username is your email address
Enter your password
Click Continue

Account Summary

Account Summary
IMAP users untick “Take account online”
Cick Create

Advanced Settings

NB only needed for IMAP users
Click Mail->Preferences (⌘,)
Advanced Mail Settings OSX
Ensure that IMAP prefix path is INBOX