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Control Panel Update

Server Room servers have now been upgraded to the latest version of ispCP Omega 1.0.7 final Release. This release addresses the following issues:

  • Added FCGID 2.2 compatibility
  • Added jQuery as JavaScript Framework
  • Added new exceptions/errors handling libraries
  • Added PHP 5.3 compatibility
  • Added Subdomain Redirects
  • Added Support of HTTP(S) Ports differing from 80 & 443
  • Added Terms of Service
  • Enhanced Domain Alias Handling
  • Enhanced FreeBSD Support
  • Enhanced custom DNS records manager
  • Enhanced Setup/Update/Uninstall processes
  • Improved IDNA support
  • Improved SETUP look and feel
  • Improved User Handling
  • Postgrey Port Change (depending on distribution)
  • Removed HTML-Purifier
  • Re-written Translation Handling
  • Re-written Ticket System
  • Security Improvements
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