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13 Jun 2014 No Comments

Move to new hosting panel

In an effort to improve customer experience Server Room has decided to replace the ISPcP control panel with ISPConfig. ISPConfig offers many improvements, including full customer control over DNS Settings. […]

9 May 2014 No Comments

Connectivity Issues

Apologies there is currently a connectivity issues to the servers, engineers are currently working on a fix and service should be restored shortly.

12 Sep 2012 No Comments

Social Networking

Server Room are proud to be working on a new social network Linkedkidz. Linkedkidz is a website dedicated to helping pre-university students secure internships, engage in community service activities and […]

19 Dec 2011 No Comments


Due to an unprecedented failure of multiple pieces of equipment access to email websites DNS services were interrupted between Saturday 17th December. We apologise for any inconvenience this caused. Engineers […]

19 Jun 2011 No Comments


Yesterday the service went down for a short period. According to the hosing provider we lost power to rack C1/D8 in IFL Manchester. Initial investigation has shown a tripped breaker […]

3 Apr 2011 No Comments

Improving support

Server Room are committed to improving the service provided, in an effort to help people get their email setup correctly we have produced a series of guides for the web […]

9 Dec 2010 No Comments

Control Panel Update

Server Room servers have now been upgraded to the latest version of ispCP Omega 1.0.7 final Release. This release addresses the following issues: Added FCGID 2.2 compatibility Added jQuery as […]

4 Dec 2010 No Comments

Urgent Notice

Due to a security warning we had to apply updates to the servers over the weekend 4th December. To maintain the integrity of customer data. Unfortunately this has had the […]

15 Jul 2010 No Comments

Control Panel Update

Server Room has upgrade our servers to the latest version of the ISP Control Panel 1.0.5 software which will address many bug including: Resolved Critical Bugs Improved Domain Disabling Improved […]

14 Mar 2010 No Comments

ISPCP upgrade

Server Room has upgrade our servers to the latest version of the ISP Control Panel software which promises. Improved Traffic Statistics Fixes for Manual DNS GUI Enhancements